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Picture 9
Applejack in her family's apple farm


Earth pony






Top Security Ensurer of Ponyvile


Apple Bloom (Sister), Apple Family

Applejack is an Earth pony and a main character of Friendship is Witchcraft.

Family and workEdit

Applejack is a member of the Apple Family along with her younger sister, Apple Bloom. Together they work at the apple farm growing apples. Applejack plans to work on the farm until the day she dies, and is sure that Apple Bloom will as well. Annually, they host the Sentient Social as a way to get free farm labor.

Applejack is stingy and greedy regarding money. She sells her own sister an apron when they go to the market to sell apples, and then tries to take it away from her when she doesn't perform. She also charges Sweetie Belle a $2,000 premium for participating in the Sentient Social race with her.

Personality and personal lifeEdit

Applejack is very loyal to the other ponies but isn't afraid to share her true feelings, positive or negative. She is accustomed to the rural way of life and acts uncouth in comparison to the other ponies, especially Rarity. For instance, Applejack has a tendency to eat anything she pleases, including mud she pretends is chocolate and a sandwich off Twilight's floor. She is encouraging towards Apple Bloom, but only in regards to apple-related pursuits. She is also opposed to Apple Bloom recieving a formal education. This is prominent in Cherry Bomb, when Apple Bloom points out that she can't read.

She has no patience for the Cult of Smooze, but pretends to join it during "Read it and Sleep ". She does appear to have a religion, declining to switch when Apple Bloom complains about not having Mark Mitzvahs in "Cute From The Hip". She uses apples to make modern art. Twilight describes the art as "funky." Sex appeal is one of her specialties, and Apple Bloom comments on her sexiness in "Cherry Bomb". In Seed no Evil she shows an attraction to trains while Marvin Gaye's "let's get it on" plays in the background. She has non-sensical expressions, usually akin to stereotypical "Farm Folk". Her brilliant analogies usually have something to do with rattlesnakes.


Picture 18

Applejack's war medals.

Applejack is the veteran of a war that ended ten years prior to the events of the series. During this war she became the highest ranking officer in Ponyville and earned five medals, though her exact rank is not known. According to How Apples Won the War, she was commander of the Apple Corps. Her experiences did not seem to have any negative lasting effects on her character, as was the case with Rarity.

Disputes with RarityEdit

201px-Rarity and Applejack stare-down S1E8

One of AJ's and Rarity's fights.

Applejack believes Rarity to be a deserter, and Rarity in turn accuses Applejack of war crimes involving civilian casualties. The accusitions of war crimes involve an event where Applejack supposedly drove a stampede into a schoolhouse in order to save the Apple Family. Rarity calls this episode a "barbaric display of violence." The event causes considerable friction between the two ponies. At the end of Episode 2, however, Applejack admits that she likes some of Rarity's hats, although it is unknown whether this is true or not.


"I did what I had to to protect the Apple Family."

"We didn't name you Apple Bloom so you could grow up to be the president."

"... and that's why I'm the element of loyalty honesty."

"We do it every year to get out of farm labor!"

"I ignore things that challenge me!" Reply to Cadence's question "I thought I told you, I'm allergic to apples."

Sexily"Now that's what I call a train"

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