Princess Cadence Notevilgoodpony was a world peace advocate, organ donor, wildlife conversationalist, children's book author, and the freely-elected leader of her own country even though she didn't have any royal blood. She is voiced by Jenny Nicholson.


Princess Cadence Notevilgoodpony is Francis Sparkle's former fiancé who was captured by Twilight Sparkle because Twilight wanted her brother to marry her, but it might have also been mind control.


Cadence seems to be a rather ignorant pony, and can get a little mean. However, she is mostly caring, since she is a world peace advocate and a wildlife conservationist. She is also humble, as she stated she didn't like to brag.


Skills and AbilitiesEdit


Francis SparkleEdit

Cadence is Francis' former fiancé.

Twilight SparkleEdit

Cadence is a rival to Twilight, just to have a chance to marry Francis Sparkle. In Foaly Matripony, she meets Twilight, being very quiet and not seeming to care about Twilight's poem stating she will steal her fiancé and destroy her. In the end, when Cadence and Francis do have a wedding (only themselves, Celestia, and the Mane 6 as bridesmaids turned up, and shedidn't have any of Applejack's food or wear Rarity's outfits since all the wedding budget went to cancer research in a hospital), Twilight chases her off to capture her and trap her in a cave, and 2 seconds later Francis and Twilight get married instead.


Candace is Cadence's identical twin. She does not know about Cadence's death.


Candace throws the bag of apple tarts given to her by Applejack in a charity food drive bucket due to being allergic to them.


Candace didn't care when Rarity said that her dress didn't look like a wedding dress and that she and Francis will have many, many beuatiful babies.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • Sometimes, she is depicted to shape-shift into many forms, including Candace.
  • Cadence is often refered to by ponies as a "princess," but in no way is she a member of royalty (despite leading a country).
    • She is probably stated as such for her many titles.
  • Cadence's last name is a play on four words on this quote: "It's not an evil pony, it's a good pony."[Citation needed]
  • At the end of Foaly Matripony, she was seen in a cave cowering before Twilight, who most likely left Cadence there to die with her skeleton left out.
    • At the end of the credits of that episode, it shows Cadence's decayed skeleton (a mare's body with Cadence's shoes, necklace, and tiara) in the underground cave Twilight trapped her in; proving that she is dead.
  • She is alergic to apple tarts.


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