Cherry Bomb

The bomb.

Applejack falls for a scam and is taken hostage, forced to do manual labor on Whiplash Ranch, a farm in Dodge Junction. She explains this in a letter to her friends, but they do not believe her, instead believing that Applejack has ditched them for better friends. When they travel to Dodge Junction to persuade Applejack to come back, Applejack tries to subtly tell them that she is carrying a bomb, set to go off should she leave town. Again, the other Mane 6 do not catch on. The next day, a chase sequence ensues, in the course of which the bomb is knocked off of Applejack. An incidental character from earlier in the episode, Raincloud, sacrifices herself by taking the bomb and lifting it into the sky, where it explodes without killing anyone (except Raincloud).