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Smooze Goo being applied at a conversion spa.

A conversion spa is a spa associated with the Cult of Smooze where cult members can go for elmers baths, Smooze Goo treatments, and other services. The chief purpose of conversion spas is to convert ponies to the cult through these relaxing and addictive services. The conversion spa depicted in Friendship is Witchcraft does not seem to serve as a meeting place or house of worship.


Conversion spas offer saunas, Smooze Goo treatments, and elmers baths. It is common to take part in all three during a visit. Smooze Goo is the key element of conversion spas, because an addictive ingredient keeps ponies coming back for more.

Employees Edit

Aloe/Lotus (Owners of the conversion spa)

"Quake" (Earthquake masseuse pony)

Ponyville LocationEdit

The Ponyville conversion spa is staffed by at least three cult members and run by Fluttershy, the cult leader.