Flashlight is a little baby Pegasus pony that lives in Ponyville. He is the son of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry, the cousin of Princess Flurry Heart, the nephew of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence, and also the grandson of Mr. Sparkle and Mrs. Sparkle. He made his first debut in Twilight Sparkle's My Little Pony: Tears to Magic epilogue. He is also make a second brief appearance in Twilight Sparkle's My Little Pony: Magic Art Online prologue.


  • Twilight Sparkle (mother)
  • Flash Sentry (father)
  • Shining Armor (maternal uncle)
  • Night Light/Mr. Sparkle (maternal grandfather)
  • Twilight Velvet/Mrs. Sparkle (maternal grandmother)
  • Princess Flurry Heart (cousin)
  • Mr. Sentry (paternal grandfather)
  • Mrs. Sentry (paternal grandmother)

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