Fluttershy and Rarity at the Convesion Spa

Fluttershy (2nd pony on the left) and Rarity (rightmost pony, with "Quake" giving her a massage) at the Conversion Spa

Fluttershy is a female Pegasus pony, and one of the main characters of Friendship is Witchcraft. She is the local leader of a cult that worships and aims to bring about the return of Lord Smooze. She also keeps many animals that she mentally and physically torments. She speaks in a quiet voice and is gentle, but her secret is she can be easily annoyed and bully ponies.

Early Life and FamilyEdit

Fluttershy's mother is or was an unknown pony, but her father was a dragon. She was born as a pony because dragonness is recessive.

Fluttershy was abused by her father as a filly.To test her love he left her in a frozen tundra with only a hatchet and length of rope, built a pack of robot wolves to take her in and make her feel falsely secure, then destroyed them and left a message in the snow saying "I dare you to love again." The message was written in a pherimone that caused rabid African Ants to engulf Fluttershy and nearly kill her. When her father moves near Ponyville in "Dragone Baby Gone ," Fluttershy brutally slaughters him.


On the surface, Fluttershy appears sweet and shy. She speaks in a soft voice and is very polite.

She is said to have killed 13 dragons, including her own father in "Dragone Baby Gone" and frequently burns animals in large fires, yet she is timid around other ponies and phycial obstacles. She only very reluctantly takes Rarity up on her offer to give all her money to the cult and is almost unable to climb a mountain on her own due to its height and gradient. The other ponies don't treat her as evil: Applejack seems only mildly annoyed when she has to deliver a cartload of apples to Fluttershy's cottage in a deal to save her family, and Twilight refers to her bunny sacrifices as "innocent friendship fires."

Perhaps because of her experiences as a filly, Fluttershy takes pleasure in dominating small animals, notably bunnies. She enjoys messing with the minds of small creatures and generally bending them to her will. She sometimes destroys the things the creatures love as a way to hold power over them. She also laces their food with drugs, presumably for the same purpose.

Fluttershy is very good at shifting the blame for her own evil deeds,and because of her innocent exterior,she never gets caught.

Cult LeadershipEdit

Fluttershy leads the local chapter of the Cult of Smooze . She refers to herself as "Cult Leader Fluttershy."


Fluttershy is partly based on Frollo from Disney's version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.[10] Fluttershy sings parts of the Hellfire song in the first scene of "The Perfect Swarm", and an instrumental version is featured in "Dragone Baby Gone". Sherclop Pones have also compared her to L. Ron Hubbard.[11]