Francis Sparkle
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Francis Sparkle's official BBBFF portrait








Corn dog enthusiast
Lead singer in BBBFF


Twilight (younger sister/wife)

Francis Sparkle is Twilight's adopted brother, husband and frontman of the musical group BBBFF. In BBBFF, he represents the Element of Hunkiness.

Early life and personal lifeEdit

Francis showed up at Twilight Sparkle's door as a foal in a box, through unknown origins. He was adopted into the Sparkle family and raised as Twilight's brother.

Francis became engaged to Cadence Notevilgoodpony, who he claims she is a world peace advocate, a wildlife conservationist, a children's book author and the freely elected president of her own country, but married Twilight after Cadence disappeared for unknown reasons (Twilight actually captured her, but a newspaper in the last few seconds said she was gone for unknown reasons). After marrying Twilight, Francis expressed feelings of disassociation, yet appeared content with the marriage. Early in the episode, Francis is seen handling guards, possibly hinting that he is a  high rank in the castle's military. He now stars in a reality show called married to sparkle.[1]

Musical CareerEdit

Francis signed to a record label as a youth and became the lead signer of pop boy band BBBFF, described as "a cute quintet of boyish sound." Through BBBFF, Francis rose to stardom. However, the band broke up following a destructive stage fire that disfigured band member Francis Danger.

Due to financial troubles, BBBFF has announced a 2013 "Desperation Tour." The band plans to travel to many reasonably-sized cities on their tour.


-BBBFF stands for Ben, Ben, Ben, Francis and Francis. It is also BBBFF, which is used in the normal Friendship Is Magic A canterlot wedding.