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File:20110703201510!Sweetie Belle Apple Bloom Scootaloo smile 2 crop S1E12.pngFile:201px-Celestia and Luna form a Yin and Yang-like symbol S1E01.pngFile:201px-Ponies montage posing S1E07.png
File:201px-Princess Celestia reads Twilight's letter S01E12.pngFile:201px-Rarity and Applejack stare-down S1E8.pngFile:201px-S2E04 Luna 'Behold'.png
File:201px-Time Turner with apple in mouth S1E12.pngFile:201px-Twilight, Rarity and Applejack with mud masks S1E8.pngFile:201px-Twilight Sparkle to grab a book S1E8.png
File:201px-Twilight and Rarity mud mask S01E08.pngFile:250px-Sprite.pngFile:Applebloom34.PNG
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File:FriendshipIsWitchcraft.pngFile:Friendship is Witchcraft - "Foaly Matripony" (8)File:Friendship is witchcraft 3 by theartrix-d4lgroq.jpg
File:Friendship is witchcraft 4 by theartrix-d4lgruq.jpgFile:Friendship is witchcraft 5 by theartrix-d4lgs3d.jpgFile:Griffin Lewis.JPG
File:Griffin Lewis Resized.JPGFile:Horse women.jpgFile:How Applejack Won The War (original song)
File:How Applejack Won The War (original song)-0File:I LOVE YOU by Clefster54Rainbowdash.jpgFile:Image.jpg
File:Lunar Slander.pngFile:Meanorange.pngFile:Parasprite by invizibilit3-d4s9oen.png
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File:Picture 7.pngFile:Picture 9.pngFile:Pinkie's Brew (Extended Version)
File:Pinkie's parents.PNGFile:Pip.pngFile:Praise lord smooze by dauntess-d4sgzas.jpg
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