Parasprite by invizibilit3-d4s9oen

The parasprite's appearance.

Parasprites are adorable winged, buglike creatures. Even though they are cute, they're deadly. All of the parasprites were then gone after Twilight and her friends got rid of them and running them into the Everfree Forest. [1] They have various color variations for the skin color.


These creatures were originally the spawn of demons, then conditioned by Fluttershy to create maximum destruction.


Even though parasprites cannot attack, they can use their very own non-damaging attack, which is eating food when sighted just like the show. When Twilight accidentally casts a spell not to stop them from eating every food, they eat building sources instead, which Twilight made it worse. Twilight and her friends made the parasprites form a big ball and rolling them into the Everfree Forest, but Pinkie Pie wanted to use instruments instead as the only solution.

Parasprites have the ability to duplicate after the puke.


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