Pinkie's Brew (Extended Version)

Pinkie's Brew (Extended Version)

The extended version

Pinkie's brew is a song sung in Cute From the Hip by Pinkie Pie. This song takes place to replace the original song in FiM, namely the Cupcake Song


There are two versions, regular and extended.

Extended LyricsEdit

I'll cook up a solution with the knowledge I've accrued,

they say a kitchen time saves nine, but I'm just saving two!

I've gathered the ingredients to make some time sorbet,

there's hardly room for seconds when the seconds melt away!

Watch as I work my gypsy magic,

eye of a newt and cinammon

Watch as this matter turns to batter,

open the portal, jump in!

Crude stew! Do you fear it, Apple Bloom?

Sometimes life is not a cake walk served up on a silver spoon!

Toss a fig and

save the date and!

Bread and butter, chant and mutter, marination, incantation, chocolate icing, timeline splicing, yeast is rising, rectifying!

(Pinkie's Parents): Pinkie, if you're hearing this it means we're dead and gone

Please don't bake a portal just accept it and move on

My cauldron is preheated and I've got you in my thrall,

let's beat these yolks and save my folks by baking the fourth wall!!!

Watch as I work my gypsy magic

seapony tears and provolone!

God help the outcast with her witchcraft,

someday, I'm gonna go home

Someday, I'm gonna go home.