Picture 21

View of Ponyville, showing the windmill, bridge, and river.

Ponyville is the central location of Friendship is Witchcraft in a world where horses talk, being where the main characters live. It is a small community and part of Princess Celestia's domain. The mayor is Mayor Mare.

Local attractionsEdit

Ponyville is home to a laser tag arena, though it is currently being ravaged by a tentacle monster. For a while, there was a dragon who made smoke spread everywhere in Ponyville, who is confirmed to be Fluttershy's father, that was kept in a cage for the local children to throw peanuts at. The Apple Family's apple farm is near Ponyville. There is a small one room schoolhouse.


Ponyville was within the theatre of the war that took place 10 years prior to the events of the show. The highest ranking officer was Applejack. Recently, it was ravaged in a hostile takeover by parasprites.

Modernization Edit

Recently, Ponyville, which was once a home of folkish buildings and roads made out of rocks, had been rebuilt. The Folkish buildings were replaced by geometric modern style buildings. Roads were coated with tar.

Neighboring LocationsEdit

Princess Celestia's castle can be seen from Ponyville. The next town over is Molestopia, ruled by Princess Molestia.