Rainbow Dash is a cerulean blue pony with a rainbow mane and tail sans Indigo, and main character of Friendship is
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Rainbow Dash


Personality and characteristicsEdit

Rainbow Dash is dim, shallow, and has a very small vocabulary. She incorporates her name into almost every sentence and speaks mostly in catch phrases. For instance, she usually yells "rainbow!" before dashing off. Rainbow Dash is boisterous and energetic, always willing to take on challenges and show others what she is made of. Often, she is insensitive to other ponies. Sometimes she is inquisitive.

She is also colorblind and extremely near-sighted, which kept her out of the military during the war and off of the Wonderballs. Breaking the fourth wall in a brief exchange with Applejack in "Dragone Baby Gone", Rainbow Dash proudly proclaims that there is no depth to her as a character at all.

She is the Element of Honesty, but in Dragone Baby Gone, it was switched with Loyalty.

Scootaloo claims she is her daughter (sister in edited version) in Star Waving Mad.


"The future is as bright as a rainbow."

"It's time to taste the painbow!"

"Ugh, this is SO un-rainbow!"

To Apple Bloom "Whoa! Applejack, how did you get so little?!"

"I always liked rainbows and all, but I was dashing nowhere in a dash. It wasn't until my very first dash that I rainbowed a rainbow need to dash. And rainbow! Dash rainbow dash raindash rainbow rain dash dash!

"And then he held up this picture of dots and he said 'what number is this?' and I said 'there's no number! Those are just dots!' What an idiot!"

"All your life people are going to be working against you! Your eyedoctor might tell you that you need big stupid glasses, or that you'll never join the Wonderballs because of your astigmatism! But you never listen!"

On finding Apple Bloom's special talent "Well we tried rainbows and dashing, so I'm basically out of ideas."

"Hey Twilight, do you think spiders can dream?"

To Fluttershy "You're such a baby! I have a great relationship with both of my parents, because they love me."

As Fluttershy is telling a story "Get to the rainbows!"

"... and that's why I'm the element of honesty loyalty."

"I hope Applejack's not dead. I can't tell you how many times I thought my friends ditched me, but they were just dead."

"Well, it is a tall thing!"

"Where'd everyone go?"

"Hay guys, I went to this cool place called heaven! I missed you guys!"