Snowblind is a light blue pegasus filly from the movie "Snowblind" who, like the name suggests, is blind. She is often bullied by her classmates. She has an imaginary clown friend who tells her about the Twinkle, an ancient sacred rune of evil which she carved and gave to Celestia in exchange for her sight. She was not blind anymore after her pupils were black.

She had a imaginary friend called Bonko the Clown.


She first appeared in episode 9 of Friendship is Witchcraft, Seed no Evil which was released on August 2nd, 2013. She is voiced by Jenny Nicholson.

She is based off the My Little Pony short fan film "Snowdrop" by Silly Filly Studios.


  • Her name may be based on Photokeratitis (or Snow Blindness), which is a temporary vision impairment akin to sunburn of the eyes.
  • Her voice actress is credited as "Ellie Mint" (a parody of EileMonty) at the end of the movie of the same name and her name is credited as "Snowdrop" in the credits of Seed No Evil.