Misc. colors

Lime green, green


Light green




Twilight Sparkle (owner)


Jenny Nicholson


Dragon (FiW episodes with him)
Dog (Horse Women, Star waving mad)


Rick (Star Waving Mad, according to Twilight)

Twilight treats Spike as her personal servant whose job it is to clean up behind her. Her first reaction at witnessing the carnage the parasprites have caused in Ponyville in the first episode, and her first reaction at seeing the aftermath of the rock-slide in episode 3, is to call out for Spike. She does not allow Spike to dream.

Disliking of SpikeEdit

Everypony in Ponyville seems to not like him very much: the character profiles of all main characters in the third episode mention Spike in the "Dislike" section, and Scootaloo and Apple Bloom also think he's "no good at anything". Both Applejack and Rarity ignore his pleas to help him when he falls off the roof in episode 2; Applejack even drops a branch on him and closes the window to drown out his mourns of hard work. Rarity and Pinkie Pie mock Spike while climbing the mountain in the third episode and apparently regularly steal his scales; Spike's scales are an ingredient in Pinkie's brew in "Cute From the Hip", according to Apple Bloom in one moment. Also in that episode, some one gets​ covered in blood, twice, thanks to a trap Diamond Tiara had built; the voice suggests it is Spike, as does the YouTube description, which lists Spike in the credits even though he does not appear on screen.

In the first two episodes, several ponies call him fat behind his back because of him fat. In the third, and in the "Spike's Big Day" short, they make fun of his weak grips.