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SPIKE: [voiceover] Well, it's taken me nearly five years of my life but I've finally finished my epic fantasy trilogy!
RAINBOW: Rainbow Kick!!
SPIKE: Ahh! Ah! Ah!
PINKIE: [giggles] Oh, Rainbow Dash, we triggered Spike's Tourette Syndrome!
RAINBOW: What a nerd! [laughter]
SPIKE: That's okay, Pinkie- [Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash laugh at him] Pie- Ah! I'm sure it was just an- Ah! accident! Ah! Oh no!
CELESTIA: Oh, Twilight, not this again...
[Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash laugh]
SPIKE: Oh no- [Pinkie and Rainbow laugh] Ah! [Pinkie and Rainbow laugh again] I can fix this- [Pinkie and Rainbow laugh again] I can fix this- Ah! I'll make a novella instead Wah!
SPIKE: [continues in the background worriedly]
PINKIE: Have you ever SEEN him this worked up? [giggles]
RAINBOW: He has SUCH a weak grip!
SPIKE: My life's work... I have nothing left.
[fire crackling]
CELESTIA: [hums while roasting a marshmallow]
SPIKE: [crying]
[Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash laugh, but was cut off for a while in the end]

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