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Princess Twilight Acorna Sparkle
Season 1 Acorna
Princess Twilight at her 8th Weekly Moon Princess Festival


Unicorn (previously) Alicorn (current)






Co-ruler of Equestria
Princess of The Night


Francis Sparkle (Older brother/husband (Foaly Matripony)




Dark blue with pink and purple streaks


Dark purple

Cutie mark

White star overlapped with pink star, surrounded by 6 small stars

Magic aura

Light magenta

Princess 'Twilight' Acorna Sparkle or Twilight Sparkle, was a Unicorn pony Princess, now an alicorn since her wings finally came in the mail delivered, that resides in Ponyville. Her classification as a Princess is the Princess of The Night, therefore, bringing forth night, and the moon. Twilight is considered to be a dedicated student and to be a ignorant princess, aswell as being an outcast, or loner by her peers. Twilight describes herself as 'a pretty lady,' as said in Cute From the Hip. She represents the Element of Leadership and is voiced by Jenny Nicholson--who tried to sound like her from the actual show.

Personal LifeEdit

Picture 7

Twilight excited for Rarity and Applejack's arrival.

Twilight has an older brother, Francis Sparkle, whom her family adopted when Twilight and Francis were both foals. During her youth, he was her only friend. She became obsessed with Francis, stating in It'll Be Ok "So we did everything together, he taught me how to fly a kite, I watched him grow into a stallion, I watched him sleep in bed at night," developed unreciprocated romantic feelings for him, and later married him, likely through mind control.

Twilight spends much of her time studying or staying home writing fan fiction. Still, she attempts to make connections with the other main ponies, whom she regards as friends. However, most of them view her as too estranged and uncool to be worthy of their friendship. When Twilight leads Applejack and Rarity into her house during a storm, they attempt to escape multiple times and consider sleeping in a motel or in an abandoned cemetery before finally accepting their fate and spending the evening with Twilight.

Spike is Twilight's personal slave, and serves her every need. Twilight takes full advantage of his faithfulness by forcing him to do many dangerous and thankless jobs. Twilight intends to keep Spike under her thumb and forbids him to dream of anything bigger or better in life. However, she and the other ponies occasionally plot his murder or mutilation.

Twilight leads a softball team, but it is scoffed at by the other ponies. She runs a podcast where she recommends fan fiction works, which Fluttershy listens to. She is also a member of the Cult of Smooze, indoctrinated by Rarity. She joined in order to feel accepted.

In Horse Women Twilight got her 'Princess' wings in the mail.


Earlier in the series, Twilight was generally nice to the other ponies but, as always, was demanding and stern with Spike. Later, she becomes extremely power-hungry and conniving. She has few social skills and is stubborn and self-absorbed, possibly due to a lack of social interaction during her youth. She studies magic for the express purpose of controlling the world to conform to her desires.

When the ponies face Fluttershy's father, a dragon, she immediately assumes leadership, believing it will lead to Princess Celestia making her a princess herself.

In the past, she has framed Princess Molestia with trying to destroy the throne in order to try to get ahead of her. She thinks highly of herself, including an expressed belief that she is sexy, refuses to accept advice from other ponies, often acts conceited, and is very self-absorbed.

Because of her lack of close friends, Twilight takes advantage of any opportunity to hang out with the other ponies. She uses bolt cutters to cut the phone line when Applejack and Rarity seek refuge from a storm at her house, making it so they cannot call for help. Twilight is also obsessed with fan fiction and writes tomes of it about her friends, notably Applejack and Rarity, who are known by the pseudonyms "Applesack" and "Charity" in the stories.

Starting Episode 6, the other ponies seem to tolerate her personality, since the rest of the main cast greet her.


Twilight convices Princess Molestia to make her a real princess in exchange for Twilight's advice on making her sexier. Luna fulfils this request, officially making Twilight the new Princess of the Night. Still, she is not immediatley given a seat on the throne next to Celestia, but states in a letter that she is well on her way towards it. During the events of the short "Star Waving Mad" Twilight uses her new gained powers to raise the moon with a picture of her face on it, before carelessly destroying the town by having the moon crush into it multiple times.

Even before she was a real princess, Twilight often referred to herself as "Princess Sparkle."

Opposites from Friendship is Magic and some things that are the same Edit

Twilight in FiW has a full name, but FiM Twilight doesn't.

Twilight in FiW and FiM are both voiced by females.

Twilight in FiM loves her sister-in-law, but Twilight in FiW hates her former sister-in-law.

Twilight in FiM can't speak foreign languages, but Twilight in FiW said that she can speak Japanese after Apple Bloom says apples many times (making her call it Applenese).

Twilight in FiM was a unicorn (formerly, then alicorn until season 4 and so on), this happened to Twilight as well in FiW.


To Applejack and Rarity "Run towards the warm, welcoming glow of my friendship!"

"Let's wait to laugh in Spike's face!"

"Once I prove that I'm a bad girl to Celestia she'll turn me into a princess for sure!"

"But I'm sexy."-Lunar Slander

To Rarity, refering to Cadence "Maybe we should call her Princess STUPID."

To Cadence: " I will destroy you and steal your fiancé. Booty, booty, booty, booty rockin' everywhere."

Thinking to herself: "Isn't it amazing, now I have princess wings!"

Singing the last part of Princess of the Night: "Turn your social life around, ditch those boots and homely crown--I can help with one small fee: give your princesshood to me!"


  • Twilight has called herself a Princess pubicly since the third episode. Almost a year after, Twilight officially became a real Princess in the original show.
  • She exclaims that her middle name is Acorna in Dragone Baby Gone.
  • Even though Twilight is a Princess, she was not an alicorn at first like most princesses, although she is now.

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