Twist smiles ID S1E12

Twist, sporting her brand-new cutie mark to Apple Bloom.

Twist is an earth pony filly that was friends with Apple Bloom, until she got her cutie mark. She is well-learnt and always eager about everything. Twist also speaks with a unusual lisp, replacing "s" words with "th".

Cutie MarkEdit

Twist's cutie mark represents sword-fighting with candy canes.


So far, she has only had actual screentime in episode 4. Her first appearance was also her last appearance.


She is eager to please, especially to the teacher. Cheerilee doesn't know her name so she doesn't call her.


Her family is wary of police activity, as shown when she tells Apple Bloom to knock 7 times or her family will assume that it's the police. There is a dog heard barking and a baby heard crying inside her house, but they may be part of the reason they are wary of the police.

Differences from the show and FiW and some things that are the same Edit

Twist in FiW has a family who is wary of police activity, but Twist in FiM has a unknown family, so she lives in the house alone.

Twist in FiW has a baby and a dog (sound heard only), but Twist in FiM doesn't have a baby or a dog.

Both Twist in FiM and FiW is voiced by a female and both speak in a unusual lisp.


"Oh, oh, oh! Robots don't have souls!" (in response to what the difference between robots and cyborgs is)

Trivia Edit