Lunar Slander

Zecora in her Molestfest costume in Lunar Slander

Zecora (voiced by Dan Davis) is a zebra that can rhyme. She is often a female, but sometimes male by fans because she does NOT have eyelashes. Her name derives from the words "cora", a Galician word fused with ze (not the Polish word), from the word zebra.

She first appears in Cute From the Hip in a shot during Pinkie's flashback. She then appears for the second time in Lunar Slander with her first speaking role.

Depictions Edit

Costume for Molestfest Edit

Zecora's Molestfest costume appears to consist of a witch doctor, hence her occupation. She wears a mysterious veil, with "spiders" on it and also a golden bat accessory at her black suit.